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We are based on Mallorca, Spain but we also make various projects worldwide. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality product for our clients and simply make them happy. When it comes to photography, videos and aerials, our team of professionals is strive to place great marketing resources in your hands. 

We see incredible potential in audiovisual communications. We keep up to date with the latest techniques and trends, although we always follow our style of work, which for some has already become recognizable. 

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What can we do for you?

Stop wasting time with your phone trying to make good photos or videos of your listings! Make an impact on your potential client and let Happiness Mode guide you through the procedure of premium photo&videography.
We are available on Mallorca but we can provide our services worldwide.

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Professional, high-quality photos help to show your hotel in the best way possible and highlight all benefits. We know that your hotel’s potential customers tend to pay more attention to visuals and their decision about staying in your place is based on your website or booking services photos.

If you are hotel owner or marketing manager you also should consider investing in good quality promotional video. Video content gets more engagement than any other form of digital content. If you already have one, ask yourself: is it great enough? If not, contact us to make for you customized video that will tell the story of your place.


So this is how everything had started. Our passion for traveling and a long trip around the world pushed us to start creating top content for tourism industry. Travel companies or tourism boards entrust us to provide exceptional photos&videos of chosen destination. We have already been in several countries, including UAE, Greece, Spain, Serbia, Albania or Cyprus. As a sizable achievement we can list a producing from the scratch a TV commercial for the leading Poland's travel agency.



Food photography and videography provide a glimpse of the dishes being offered at your restaurant and can increase the number of walk in customers. Mouthwatering pictures play an important role in promoting your restaurant's dishes and get the idea of the kind of an atmosphere is in your place. You should keep in mind that enormous people are very active in social networking sites, therefore, food photography can help promoting your restaurant online in a outstanding manner.
Happiness Mode provides food, gastronomy and restaurant photography and videography services on Mallorca and worldwide.


First and foremost, Happiness Mode is in possession of an official Drone Operator License approved by Spanish Aviation Authority - AESA. We offer our services as drone photography and aerial videography on Mallorca. Photos and video taken from the air offer a perspective that cannot be matched from the ground. Drones capture stunning high resolution photos and video even up to 4K. Whether you need an aerial photographer for real estate, wedding, events or marketing - Happiness Mode has you covered.



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