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Who is Michael? He’s a 29-year-old teenager who does not see obstacles. Looking back he can confidently say that he really tried many flavors of life. Eternally smiling with a camera in one hand ‘quiet madman’, who is ready to realize the most crazy ideas now. Sometimes he is like a summer breeze of warm wind, sometimes like a hell of an ocean storm. Everything depends on the pressure and the amount of space that he has. Michal loves to have dreams that he manages to come true. He is an absolute lover of staying close to nature (especially in primitive conditions). His philosophy is to live spontaneously, so that he can enjoy life instead of doing schedule for every, single thing. Michal admires people who do in their lives what they love without paying attention to what other people think and salary issues. Saying to the mirror: "hi" with a smile and raised head, this is how he wants to feel every day. This creative man loves with his whole being extreme sports and situations for which he is not prepared. When you will ask him about his greatest success, he say: finding "the One", 8 month trip around the world as a result of hard work few months before. Why is he happy? - Because he is deeply in love with his wife and wife loves him as well. It's enough to conquer the world with a smile. Unhappy? Only when he sees that people are wasting their lives on arguing and fighting about money instead of taking the life of joy and happiness. How about failures? Any? He treats failure as rungs on the ladder to success. So Michal used to work in the financial sector for more than 3 years ,also in the production of furniture. He was packing tomatoes together with Malwina, ran a climbing company, took care of the guest house in the French Alps, was head of the kitchen in one of the English restaurant, was a quality controller, led the trainings… He was a photographer and a full-time traveller. What is he doing now? He combines in creative way: dreams, life and work. Together with his beloved they create a path that will allow them to realize above. By the way, Michal is a big fan of sushi, green curry and sour rye soup with white sausage :)

Every man dies. Not every man really lives. William Wallace.



Don't be fooled by her disarming smile and a jaunty look. Malvina in fact is a prominent one-man bandshe loves when everything is searched, analyzed, planned and organized. Probably these traits she learned in the law school. Or probably not. Research is belike her previous incarnation. She can spend a few hours surfing the internet, losing touch with the reality (well, unless you suddenly give her a proposal for a spontaneous trip or someone will offer her a glass of red wine - which, moreover she loves). Hmm, maybe, she’s not so party pooper! ;) She likes to create, invent, do graphs, comparisons, notes and other scribbles - that only she can then read. She has a great sense of taste and artistic flair. She is stubborn too, sometimes even too much. No doubts she’s communicative indeed, but sometimes she’s slightly aloof too. She doesn't like when someone speaks idly. She loves space, stunning spectacles of nature (especially sunsets only for herself), sleeping in a tent in the wilderness and the wind in her hair. She doesn't mind to do some outdoor sports and then eat some yummy specials from her favourite Thai or Italian cuisine. Collector of bibelots and various souvenirs. Addicted to morning coffee. She absolutely adores surprises. When she is amused, it's always accompanied by streams of tears. Easily, instead of one hand she can have a built-in GoPro camera, the one which she's avowed fan. Citizen of the world. Apparently she has ants in pants. Curiosity and openness to new contacts led her to the farthest corners of the globe. Packing tomatoes in the UK, being a professional barista in California, serving blueberry shots with whipped cream in a the bar on Rhodos Island, participation in diplomatic receptions during internship in the Polish Embassy in Malaysia, pretending to be a white-collar worker as an intern in the British law firm, working in a foreign logistics company, taking care of the luxury mansion in the French Alps, and finally travelling around the world with her hubby for more than eight months... She's bravely saying: I'm destined to live with a passion.

Let your soul be your pilot. Sting.


Sitting at home3%

WHITE sausage & chocolate99%

Photo & Video101%

Extreme sports98%


Coffee without sugar91%


Internet 95%

Video & Editing101%


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